What is medVC?

medVC is a telemedicine platform for medical professionals enabling real-time audio-video communication and the usage of specialised medical services. The medVC platform allows to connect interactively to the operating room from anywhere, using any device. medVC makes it possible to send multiple ultra high quality video streams coming from surgical cameras, microscopes, endoscopes and other medical equipment. The doctors can pause videos, draw on the picture, collaboratively work on DICOM images, record a session or even broadcast it live over the Internet. Furthermore, medVC can transmit stereoscopic (3D) video from surgical robots or 3D endoscopes. All these features make medVC a superb remote collaboration and education tool for medicine.

  • Designed for

    - operating rooms
    - conference and lecture rooms
    - doctors' offices
    - access using mobile devices

  • Multiple video streams from

    - medical cameras
    - microscopes
    - endoscopes
    - surgical robots
    - other medical equipment

  • Extensive collaboration features

    - video streams pausing
    - telestration - drawing on any video
    - video streaming & recording
    - sharing of DICOM images
    - functionality customization upon request

  • Superb video quality

    - Ultra High Definition
    - High bitrates for medical videos
    - Stereoscopic (3D) transmission from newest medical devices

  • Used with

    medical equipment from companies such as Storz, Olympus, Medtronic, Zeiss, Intuitive Surgical, Trumpf Medical, ConMed and others

  • Used for

    - remote collaboration
    - live transmissions from ORs
    - medical education
    - much more

  • Used by

    hospitals from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Panama, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United Kingdom.

For a full description of medVC and its various usage scenarios, please refer to the following documents

Flexible configuration adjustable to meet all requirements of operating rooms, staff rooms, conference rooms or doctors’ offices.

medVC in action

A video about the live surgery session in 3D between Gronau, Germany and Warsaw, Poland

A video about the ophthalmology live surgery workshop in Warsaw, Poland

Surgical video book - ENT

SIU Live 2018 – urology

medVC connecting 9 European clinics during the 7th ELS broadcast 2022 – recording of a telemedical session


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medVC is implementing the MEDICS project under the SZAFIR programme

Under the Program for National Defense and Security "SZAFIR" – 1/SZAFIR/2020, medVC is implementing the project "MEDICS - Medical Information Management System and Support of the Medical Evacuation Process on the Battlefield".
The MEDICS project is funded by National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR).

The MEDICS system will be implemented in accordance with NATO guidelines (e.g. AJMedP-5) as Medical Information Management System to support the command process in the field of medical activities. One of the system’s goals will be to facilitate the process of providing clinical care in an international environment by sending casualties’ health data between national commands and NATO. The system will support patient care at the earliest stage due to the increased use of telemedicine and teleconsultation techniques. The effective use of such tools will support the implementation of the full range of medical services by starting patient care at the tactical level. Effective management of medical information, especially regarding patients, will ensure the process of planning medical support on the battlefield by building situational awareness in the area of medical information, implementing the process of patient tracking, planning medical activities and medical evacuation.

- Military Communications Institute of Professor, PhD. Hab J. Groszkowski
- Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
- Military Institute of Aviation Medicine
- medVC.eu sp. z o.o.

Total project expenditure: 16,220,243.00 PLN gross

Total medVC expenditure: 2 318 178,87 PLN gross
Eligible medVC expenditure: 2 318 178,87 PLN gross
MedVC subsidy: 2 318 178,87 PLN gross

medVC is implementing the AI-NET-PROTECT project under the CELTIC-NEXT/EUREK programme

The aim of the AI-NET research project is to accelerate digital transformation in Europe through automation, intelligent control in each network segment, i.e. edge, urban, core and data centres.

Total expenditure: 1 267 875.00 PLN
Eligible expenditure: 1 267 875,00 PLN
Financing: 997 893,75 PLN

medVC is implementing the SAFE-HOME project within the CELTIC-NEXT/EUREK programme

The SAFE-HOME project aims to design a home-based, non-invasive monitoring system for the elderly, enabling them to live a fulfilling life in the comfort of their own home, with full autonomy and independence, while keeping a constant check on their health.

Total expenditure: 808 268,31 PLN
Eligible expenditure: 808 268,31 PLN
Compensation: 705 306,85 PLN

medVC beneficiary of the Go to Brand Programme

The subject of the project is to support medVC.eu Sp. z o.o. in brand promotion on foreign markets through the participation of the Applicant in the IT/ICT programme. The purpose of participation in selected trade fairs and the organisation of trade missions is to present one's own service. These are activities which are intended to contribute to the promotion of the brand abroad and thus increase sales revenue. Showing one's best side can help many customers and business partners to decide to start or expand cooperation, and thus contribute to attracting new business partners and strengthening cooperation with existing ones. In addition, participation in this type of event is an excellent opportunity to exchange professional experience between companies from the same industry.

Realization of the project will allow to achieve the planned result indicators:
- revenues from export sales
- revenues from export sales of products covered by the project
- number of foreign trade contracts signed by the company for internationalisation.

Total expenditure: 467,000.00 PLN
Eligible expenditure: 467 000,00 PLN
Subsidy: 396 950,00 PLN

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