What is medVC?

medVC is a remote collaboration tool for medical professionals allowing real-time audio-video communication and the usage of specialised medical services. It is designed to be installed in operating rooms, conference rooms and doctors’ offices and makes it possible to send multiple High Definition (HD) video streams coming from cameras, microscopes, endoscopes and other medical equipment. The doctors can pause videos, draw on the picture, take snapshots, collaboratively work on DICOM images, record a session or even broadcast it live over the Internet. Furthermore, medVC can transmit stereoscopic (3D) video from surgical robots or 3D endoscopes. All these features make medVC a superb remote collaboration and education tool for medicine.

  • Designed for

    - operating rooms
    - conference rooms
    - lecture rooms
    - doctors' offices

  • Multiple video streams from

    - medical cameras
    - microscopes
    - endoscopes
    - surgical robots
    - other medical equipment

  • Extensive collaboration features

    - video streams pausing
    - drawing on the picture
    - taking snapshots
    - collaborative work on DICOM images
    - video streaming & recording

  • Superb video quality

    - High Definition up to 1080p50/60
    - Stereoscopic (3D) transmission from newest medical devices
    - 4k resolution coming soon

  • Used with

    medical equipment from companies such as Storz, Olympus, Medrobotics, Trumpf Medical, ConMed and others

  • Used for

    - remote collaboration
    - live transmissions from ORs
    - medical education
    - much more

  • Used by

    hospitals from France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

For a full description of medVC and its various usage scenarios, please refer to the medVC presentation .

Watch a short video explaining what medVC is.


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The full recording of the 3rd European Laryngological Live Surgery Broadcast is now available!
Over 6 hours of live surgery performed by the top European ENT surgeons. All powered by medVC!
The recording is available here.

During the 3rd European Laryngological Live Surgery Broadcast, 18 surgeries were presented from 10 hospitals from France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The session was attended by almost 10 000 viewers from 62 countries. For more details please visit els.livesurgery.net.
medVC allowed to connect 10 operating theatres and the moderator's studio with a real-time audio-video transmission, enabling seamless communication and lively discussion. medVC is not only an excellent tool for such events, but first of all it is a system that can support doctors every day, connecting operating rooms with offices or conference rooms.

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